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Default Re: My second build..Thanks to all of you.

The chain line is perfect. It was time consuming as the sprocket adapter had to be square to the hub and perfectly aligned with the front sprocket. I never lost my cool and just kept at it a little at a time and finally got it. It was actually fun and I enjoyed the challenge of it. Time just flies by when working on the bike. Listened to some good tunes and enjoyed being out in the garage with the smell of gasoline and oil.

Found a gas leak where the petcock bung is welded into the tank. Applied JB weld around the bung.

Still waiting on a couple parts from a couple of vendors.

Bluegoatwoods--I added a second axle nut as a lock nut on the side of the hub with the activation arm which helped center the wheel
There isn't much room between the chain and the bracket used to hold the motor to the seat stay. The chain will hit it without a tensioner. I also have vertical dropouts. If they were horizontal I could see forgoing the tensioner.

Right now Iíve got it dialed in. Iím sure Iíll tinker with it as time goes on and I learn more. Iím leaving for Florida on Wednesday night and wonít be back until next Tuesday. By then I should have all of the parts I need and can button this up provided nothing else goes wrong.
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