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Default Re: Nova represents

Welcome aboard.

By NOVA, I'll guess you mean Northern Virginia. Is that right? And a motorized bike could come in handy if they do shut down the DC Metro for six months. (Yikes! That could be troublesome)

Anyway........few of us are lucky enough to find someone knowledgeable right nearby. But it's probably better that way. The reason is that the operator of a motorized bike really must be his own mechanic. Otherwise the downtime will be ridiculous. They are temperamental and most bikes require pretty constant tweaking. That is, until you 'get the hang of it'. And even then the bike will demand your attention.

But here's the good news: it's really not all that hard to learn it and to do it. And it's very rewarding. If you can trudge your way through the inevitable headaches and frustrations, then you'll find that you'll have a blast.

There's great info and help to be found here. Definitely use this forum as a resource. This place has saved me from making errors that I surely would have made otherwise.

Good luck and have fun.
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