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Default Re: Skyhawk Frame up build

Originally Posted by ru14real View Post
I was into racing and had a brooks saddle. It always chaffed my behind. i was using that stuff that made the leather softer and it did make the saddle softer, but it was and still is too uncomfortable for my liking. I think I paid something like 40 dollars in the 80s. Maybe I should sell it and get some motorized bike parts for my build.
If I hadn't already scored one off Ebay years ago, I'd buy yours. Mine is the most comfortable saddle seat I've had so far. But, like I said, it's a saddle-style seat. So it's probably wider than the racing seats you're used to. But I really like it. Originally I just nabbed it because it would go with the vintage look of the bike, but now I've gotten rather used to it. Back in the motorbike accident in 2010, one of the assorted injuries I sustained was a broken tailbone. It still aches during weather changes. And I still find the leather saddle comfy. Go figure.

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