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Default My second build..Thanks to all of you.


Just finished my first in-frame build. What a good experience. I learned so much. When I first came to this website and motorized bikes a couple of years ago it was all I could do to install a friction drive. Over the course of the last couple of years I have read many threads on this site and realized that an in-frame build is possible. Thanks to you guys and gals I was able to start and finish the build. A great big thanks to all of you!!

Took it out on its maiden run. No Dice. Determined that the CDI is shot. A new one is on order.

The next issue is the chain line. It is off by .24Ē. Sprocket adapter cannot move over due to the activation arm on the coaster hub. The chain is tight enough. Have to use a tensioner as the chain will hit the chain stay without it. Rode the bike up and down the street trying to see if I could get it to jump off the sprocket. Couldn't do itóbut when the clutch is disengaged the chain bounces up and hits the black metal guard, supplied with the kit. Itís really noisy and annoying.

Should I remove the guard that came with the kit? Noticed that many MBís do not run the guard.

Is a ľĒ acceptable? Iím thinking Iíll have to buy a torch and bend the arm.

What say you?
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