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Default Re: Panama jack failure!!!!!!

[QUOTE=Mr.Gadget;248985]I just got back from my beer run.
I had a blast. After exiting Waly World there were about 7 people round my motorized bicycle taking pictures, and discusing how cool it was. I happily played 20 questions, and handed out my phone number to thouse interested in MB's and this website.
I road home, and looked at my motorized bicycle with admeration. I decided to start wipping id down, and that is when the words " OH F#%K!!!" came out of my mouth, out loud, in english!!!

I found a full break in the frame, and a 3/4 crack on the otherside. I was one bump away from total failure, and a full blown crash!!!!

If you own a Panama Jack,,, PLEASE look these areas over for signs of stress.My Jack failed in a similar way,mine completely broke through on the other side,I welded it,cut off the rack ,repainted those areas and it's been holding for a while,it is a steel frame on mine
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