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Default Re: Hey all from NW Arkansas in the Ozarks ... This is going to be fun!

[QUOTE=2door;631175]Welcome to the community, Sinner. You've come to the right place to get started with your first motorized bike project.

Your choice of the Panama Jack is okay. Many have been motorized by members here. Try typing 'Panama Jack' into the 'Search' box and you'll have some reading to do about that particular bike.

For hilly terrain you might want to explore installing a larger rear sprocket than comes in some kits. Typically we recommend something in the 40 tooth range but for better hill climbing performance you might want to go to a 44, 48 or even bigger if you're a big guy. This will slow down your top speed but will help you over those Ozark hills.

Good luck and we're always here to offer help, advice and assistance if/when you need it.
I built on a new Panama Jack and then started reading about their failings on this forum.I went out and looked at mine and it was broken clean through just below the lower weld for the luggage rack,I had been riding it that way and didn't realize it. I welded the crap out of it and after a few days it looked okay but I had a lot of vibration in the seat.I remounted the engine very solid and the rear sprocket checked and nearly perfectly straight,still vibrated so I cut off the luggage rack,problem solved and no problems since but I wouldnt build on one of those again,My first build ,a Huffy Cranbrook is still going well and my brother has it.Just thought I would put this info out here so people would know.I have a Huffy Regatta with the same rack,guess I'll just pedal it or trade for something else.
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