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Originally Posted by shadix20555 View Post
my bikes I have been tinkering with. I have a cruiser and a 29" mountain bike which is very high and even tough to get on and im 6ft. I bought a performance pipe which wont fit I have to fabricate it I guess. also I bought a new racing carb off ebay and when I installed it it just boggs down and then cuts out it has no go whatsoever but It will idle. im not at high altitude either. this carb is the carb that you slap on and just go without any adjustment screws.
I'm only 5ft. 7 in. tall and I just built a 29 in. cruiser.I put the seat all the way down and it's just about right.I may put some springer forks on it but it rides pretty smooth the way it is.I see you have a little helper.
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