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Default 79cc predator with agk type jack plate question

Im fabricating a frame and have a question for those who know. I want to mount my engine in the semi vertical position, as shown in the picture posted. Ok, on a post from someone who built a sportsman flyer said that he would have problems with the jackshaft plate aiming upwardards as it will aim upwards when you mount vertical. It aims towards the seat area. People were telling the owner that he will run into problems unless he redrilled the plate and aimed it towards the rear wheel. Why is this a problem if everything clears? Is it because the clutch and things will grab his legs? Or is it because the axis of the jackshaft function will not work correctly and flex? Whats the deal with this? Im trying to save some room for pedals and need to know so I dont run into any permanant problems. Id like to mount my engine the way the picture shows. Is this going to be ok? I know that I need carb manifold mods and oil level re requirements. I mean, as it looks in my picture, my jack plate setup is aiming up as much as it would be aiming down so whats the deal? I would rather not redrill the plate. thanks. cheers Thingswithwelding. ps. sorry, my ipad mini camera takes pics too large to upload.... really? lol. Il try my other ipad.

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