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Default Re: teflon tape

If you use an o-ring, don't use a rubber one. Rubber turns to goo in the presence of petroleum. I know this from building rotary engines. The coolant seals are rubber, and the factory service manual suggests using petroleum jelly to help install them in the seal grooves. I did that once and came back the next day to find the seals had swollen to twice their size. Same idea for fuel hose. Use "rubber" hose that is designed for fuel systems. It's either not actually rubber, or it's lined internally with something petroleum resistant.

Teflon doesn't have a problem with fuel. I've used it in many fuel systems and never had an issue. The reason some say to not use it is because people don't properly place the tape and end up getting some in the system, which means it can get stuck in a carburetor or injector.

Since you're in a pinch and want it back on the road, get a 10mm copper or aluminum crush washer from a parts store. Most auto parts stores have them.
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