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Default Re: Rusty Shackleford

I got my torq-a-verter today. I had a little issue with it fitting. I started wondering if it was supposed to even fit the gx 200. Turns out, that's the engine it was designed for. I'm not sure why it rubbed, but it was right at the rear oil fill hole. And why there's 2 oil fill holes, I'm not sure either. Not much filing and I got it on flush. I even had to trim the top of the plug a little so the bearing housing would clear.

I felt like a mad scientist. I tossed the carb and muffler back on and threw a gas line in a tank and fired it up. I really wanted to see the cvt in action. Holding that engine down in the driveway was harder than I thought, but i revved it up a few times and watched it work its magic... which is super kool!

Pics soon.
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