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Default 19 mph and love it

I built my bike to run errands. Go to the store and the bank now and then. Sure out to lunch as well. So I never wanted a fast bike. I wanted it slow and able to go up and down the hills around my house. They call the town I live in High Point for a reason.

So after riding around on a bike for a while I down graded to a 20" rear wheel. I still have the standard 44t sprocket. I got to be curious as to what the top speed was on the bike. I have been guessing 20mph on the flats and twelve on the hills.

I got curious enough to buy a speedometer one of those digital things. So I checked it today on a short run between the rain showers. It looks pretty consistent at 19mph on the flat and 15 on the small hills and 14 on the bigger ones. Now on a really big hill I would expect it to go down to 10 or 12 unassisted. The bike fits exactly what I wanted it to do.

I hope the weed eater bike will do as well but not any faster. If it is faster I'll just change to a smaller friction wheel.

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