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Default Re: IDEA! Hidrophobic coated tires for Friction Drive in Rain!!!?

Hate to be a wet-blanket about rainy days (pardon the pun) but I have to agree with Kioshk here. I think the hydrophobic spray may work in similar fashion to Teflon. If you're going to test this, please wear pads and helmet so we won't worry a lot about you. I anticipate one of two things happening: 1) likely the friction drive will contact the tire and make a *vvvwhishzzz* sound and be unable to get any traction to propel you, 2) It may just barely get enough traction to get you moving but, on the wet streets, you find yourself sliding and skidding around like a greased hockey puck on ice. But if a third thing happens, and this actually works, please do let us know. I would be very glad to be wrong about this, because it really is a good idea on paper. And I wish it could work.

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