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Default Re: Broke another gas tank!

I would listen to 2door first. I have seen quite a few clever and low-stress ways to mount the kit tanks over the years.

That said, and keep in mind that I have no idea how mechanically inclined you might be, there is also the solution of building your own tank. Problems with kit tanks and the way they fit different frame types (or DIDN'T fit, to be more accurate) was what prompted me to make my own. Mine was made from 14 gauge sheet aluminum, using a hand-made wood buck to help shape the sides. I brazed it together. The only opening on the bottom is the fuel line fitting. My tank hangs on the frame from bolts which come through the top from inside (with fender washers for decent support) and are thoroughly brazed up top. And the tank is lined. Even if I get a deep crack and it actually manages to go through the lining, which would be a good trick, it would still be at the top of the tank. Nothing's gonna leak out. And I used Nitril rubber under the straps anyway.
Other forum members have made tanks from steel and fiberglass. I think I may have heard of a brass tank also. And more often than not, the home-made tanks are of far better quality and construction than the kit tanks. The builder has the power to make a tank as solid as he/she thinks it should be, so they often go for rock-solid.

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