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Its good being a senior citizen,,,,,,,Two Door,,,,,,,,, but then here is the rest of the story. Joined some two or three or more years ago and built my first bike. Good old Wally Mart with china girl kit running a aftermarket Runtong ?????? carb from
DAX along with a offset manifold. All went well with the usual adjustment problems until it got stolen. Now what the kicker was the rear brake was disconnected and the calipers were not that strong. Gave the report to the police along with pictures. it laid out in a field for several months before found. The rear brake was destroyed and bent lol Can only imagine what happened. This really discouraged me and I just let her sit for a couple years until this week. Flushed the tank and carb bowl, inspected , replaced fuel lines and went to the road. Not expecting anything let the clutch out and away we went. Good lord what I had been missing. Looked like exodus with all the kids following me. So got the old girl back in shape and the bug has bitten once again. Going to start another build. Upon looking at the site, lot of changes it seems and I like. Would really like to motorize (eng) my Atomic Zombie trike I built. May look into that also. Ok guys bent the eyes enough saying nothing so will keep you posted and be asking questions again. Gary( aka ) gphil
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