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Default Re: MB Glossary

Getting new members to read almost anything has and will always be a problem. This glossary will, hopefully, get used and linked to when a newbie asks a question by older members. We could name it 'Glossary of Motorized Bicycle Terms'. The thread will be titled in bold font and obvious so maybe it will attract the attention of those who need it.

What I'm asking for is for the members to submit what they feel needs explanation to a new member not familiar with our language. I don't think we need to include every word. I mean, 'handlebar' is pretty obvious. So would pedal, or seat. But try to put yourself into a new builder's shoes and reading terms like, Cylinder Head, or Magneto. Some of them have never worked on an internal combustion engine.

You electric guys help us out here too. Even I see words and terms in the electric threads that I'm not familiar with. We need to address all aspects of our hobby so join in and tell us what you're talking about. Battery terminology is a good example.

Let's start with A and move through the alphabet to Z. I'll do the compiling/alphabetizing and post and occasionally update the thread.




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