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Default MB Glossary

This has been tried before but it always seems to fall apart because we can't seem to keep it serious or focused. I bring up the idea again because of my recent experience of joining a forum dedicated to radio control model airplanes. I was involved with that hobby for many years but have been away from it for a while and when I started reading on that forum I ran into so many words, acronyms, abbreviations and terms that were a mystery to me. Being familiar with forum usage I tried using their 'Search' and found many references to the term I was looking for but seldom was there a clear definition.

I can easily see where a new member could be overwhelmed by reading our words and seeing references to terms and abbreviations that we use freely but rarely define in clear language.

I envision one thread which would be an alphabetized glossary of the most commonly used words, terms, abbreviations or slang. It would be better if it was a single post that contained only the glossary and no discussion, comments, jokes or arcane references. Just good solid information that a new member could access to gain some understanding of our unique language.

Feel free to offer up your input on this here in this thread and I'll compose a single thread that we will post in either the 'Introduce Yourself' section or here in 'General Discussion'

Any thoughts?

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