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Default Re: Broke another gas tank!

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
You're overtightening the tank mounting studs. You are relying on them to keep the tank stationary and that usually results in tank failure. JB Weld, (glue) won't keep the same thing from happening again. And probably won't keep it from leaking again.

Take some of the advice offered and find something that will keep the tank in place and only use the kit straps/studs and nuts to act as back-up. Unless the tank is held with an alternative method, trying to keep it in place by tightening the nuts on the studs will result in stud/tank failure from vibration and shock.

Unlike the engine which should be mounted solidly to the frame, the tank needs to be isolated from the frame with something that absorbs the vibrations. There are many methods. Silicone, rubber, Velcro, thick double sided tape, etc. Whatever, don't rely on the studs to do all the work.

I think the biggest problem is the fact that Im using the stock bracket for the tank and it only bolts up to about 1/4th of the stud, so its putting more stress on the tank because of the leverage, I got double sided tape from work and I'm going to use some new strapping for the mounts to get it bolted down further.
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