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Default Re: Broke another gas tank!

I know how looks for a motor bike, may have one not think this is the greatest idea, unless it can be done sort of inconspicuously. This being, the way I mounted a plain but brand new plastic lawn mower gas tank.

It is not the plastic or the lawn mower tank, but the brackets I made to connect from the frame to the tank that was never intended on being on a bike frame.

I had already welded flat pieces of metal to the top to the mid bars to add stregnth to the frame, and a few small holes in the flat metal for gas tank brackets were easy to construct.

Without welding, I also attached brackets for other items to attach to the frame with seat post clamps. The steel ones you can remove the bolt and spread it to go onto the frame bars, then bend back and bolt back in place. Don't expect to remove and reinstall the seat post clamp but maybe twice, or it will have metal fatigue.

Other ways to connect to the frame with some other kind of clamp and use brackets so those brackets can line up perfect with the gas tank you choose can remove undo stress. The plastic tank I don't have a lot of capacity, but the idea of connecting to the frame by using adapter brackets may be useful.

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