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Default Broke another gas tank!

Hey all, went for a trip that was about 25 miles yesterday with my fiance and I broke another gas tank (3rd one in about 2 years)

They seem to always crack at one of the bolts on the bottom of the tank because my top rail of my frame is slightly curved it puts a lot of stress on those bolts. That and the mount it came with isn't the best.

So far my solution has been to reinforce the bolts with JB Weld, wait the cure time. Then I'm going to coat around the bolt again and on top of the JB weld with Seal-All. This has been working on one of my spare bikes for about 3 weeks with no gas leaks. But, I don't really ride this bike, its a spare bike, so I'm not 100%. I'll post pix when I finish the tank for my main bike.

Also anyone know where to get cheap rear rims with the 7 gears already on them? I have broke a couple of these too and have no more spares to repair another bike I have. Currently 3 out of 4 are my bikes are needing parts I've broke to ride again.

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