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Default Skyhawk Frame up build

Hello everyone! It's been quite a while since i've done anything motorized bicycle related. I decided to create a build thread to get some feedback and motivation. I've got a rolling frame right now and could use some advice. Here are some pictures. Please excuse the messy garage and cell phone quality. Just click the image to enlarge it.

Here is a quick mental list of what i still need, if anyone can think of anything to add that would be great.
Seat and seatpost
2 stroke engine
Fuel filter
Fuel line
Fuel shutoff valve with correct threads for frame
Crankset and pedals
Rear Derailleur that will fit on this frame
Drive Sprocket
Brake handle
Quality twist throttle
brake, Derailleur, and throttle cables

Im not sure about the rear Derailleur and the engine drive sprocket. Does anyone know what Derailleur works well with the skyhawk frame?

The drive sprocket has got me stumped because i don't know of any adapters out there that will clamp to this sized wheel hub. In the picture i'm holding a caliper up to the hub and it appears to measure less then an inch. Is a rag joint mounted sprocket my only option?

I'm Trying to get some momentum going here, but I don't want to rush or cut corners. My first motorized bicycle was heaps of fun, but it was always broken! I want to produce something more reliable this time around.

Thanks everyone!
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