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Default Re: Wanting my first MB on a budget! A few easy questions

Honestly, I enjoy the whole building process. I have a little difference of opinion than some, but either way, just my thoughts.

The kit looks great, but DAAAM, it's a bit, um.... Expensive. Do some good research and get a decent engine kit for less than 200. I don't like ebay for these kits, but if you have ANY mechanical know-how, you can feel free to buy a cheap ebay kit and be ok.

Don't go overboard. Buy a decent first bike, from walmart, and learn. My favorite part of the whole experience is the build (like I previously stated). as your first build, take your time, learn, and experiment. Almost all these kits are identical (from a manufacturing standpoint). where you will pay more money is the customer service. When I built my first bike in 2010, everyone told me to stay away from and their other online stores. I don't know if they got any better, but, customer service is my #1 priority.

Pick a bike that can withstand the 2 stroke abuse. Just because the engine fits, doesn't mean the bike can take it. These bikes (specially the beach cruizers) are made for pedaling up and down the beach, street... They are made to go under 2-4 MPH. You're about to make it go upwards of 20-25 MPH. Bearings, brakes, and spokes (not to mention frame) are going to get a lot of abuse that they were not made for. So, make sure you pick wisely.

But, most importantly, enjoy your time putting it together. As you install everything, you will learn a lot. How the needle works to enrich or lean out the air to fuel mixture. How the clutch works. How to put the hideous sprocket on. If I were you, I would buy a sprocket adapter with the kit. It makes your life sooooooo much easier, and the bike run a lot smoother.

In a while, after a lot of breaking in, tinkering, cursing and probably bleeding, you'll start to upgrade. That's when you get a good bike, a better motor. Maybe put different handle bars, seats, suspension, disk brakes....

As far as the law, don't be LAZY. You're in front of a screen. Go to your DMV website and do your research. Find out the law, and stay in the local law's limits. Don't be an idiot and piss off your neighbors. They'll call the cops, and you'll hate life. Not to mention fines, impound, and just making the motorized bicycle community look bad.

So, best of luck to you. Most importantly HAVE FUN!!!!!
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