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Default My kit arrived today

I have been a fiend all day. The motor looks perfect. Chain is much better quality than i had been lead to believe. I got two spockets, a 36 tooth and a 41. The smaller is beautifully chromed.

There were issues, or you gentle readers would be getting the performance report as well. All the time consuming thing came about because of my choice of platform and not because of the kit.

First, let me sing the praises of the vendor i picked. That's Dax was a joy to deal with. They made the upgrades i wanted, and offered far more than a U.S. Built/globally sourced kit. I can not stress enough how they tried to make sure my kit was what i needed to do the job set before my little machine. Every engine they sell is built on site and test fired before delivery.

Very little needed to be done to any part in this kit. There was a tiny bit of casting flash in the front motor mount. 30 seconds with a stone wheel, bright shiney and ready to drop in. Second thing, the quart tank was the same as them all. Dented scratched uneven poor seam finish. I don't plan to keep using this tank for long anyway, so its just as well. There was a lot of slag in the exhaust. Dremel took care of that. The exhaust gasket overlapped the port a bit, and Mr Dremel touched that up nicely as well. The biggest challenge is my own fault. I chose a shimano nexus three speed rear hub. Those things are HUGE!! It wasn't even close to fitting. Sabre saw to the rescueeee ! A good bi metal blade, a little time, some cursing, and Its on there now, by golly. Tomorrow i will tackle the chain matters, fuel issues, and a puzzle with my seat post. I will also be in constant and fervent prayer that this nasty weather clears up, the streets go dry, and my gas can hasn't developed a leak. I wanna RIDE! When this particular evolution results in a powered ride, i will post some build pics.
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