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Default Re: HT china girl centrifugal clutch mod

Thoughts on my experience .

First on the pull start be sure the crank has enough threads sticking out of the mag rotor to accept the starter cup. My engine didn't.

Secondly my engine idles around 1800 so I imagine engagement is in the low 2000s.
Depending on ratio your may get clutch shudder/pulsation when pulling from stop. Pedaling eliminates this. Probably not an issue with a lower ratio, my bike is geared fairly high.

I did Dremel a small keyway in the hub and mod a crank key to fit. Probably not necessary for most engines but might consider it on an highly modded one.

The Sprague clutch rollers are a pita if they get out(count on it). They and the clutch drum bushing need to be lubed. Always use the clutch removal tool(comes with the clutch) to remove it.

The auto clutch is a great mod. Works well and is basically trouble free. I like having the manual clutch as well. Keeps the engine narrower and less complicated, but would be necessary in your build if you don't want the manual clutch system.
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