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Default Re: HT china girl centrifugal clutch mod

Alright thats the plan cause i have a wot motor for a drag trike but iwant it just for show, ie.. to go fast and sound good and just look good and for anyone to be able to pull start it and twist and go.

The plan once tuned in would be to do away with the clutch lever and cable to clean up the bars so it will be pull start only and then progressively drill larger and larger holes into the shoes mabey 1/6 to 3/32 at a time till it engages at MY desired rpm , this engine is a drag motor and severly lacking on the low end so a high engagement will be needed. Or it will bog i fear.

Just wondering if someone has done this alrsady and recorded there results.

And if the stovk clutch engages at 1500 to 1800 than thats way to low for me and should snap in a little harder at around 2500 to 3000
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