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Default HT china girl centrifugal clutch mod

Ok guys i am back , itsbeen like 9 months or something lol
Yes i did re enlist in the army for another 6 years and went to an non commission officer course for a premotion.
Also i moved to a much larger home and wow ! Man do i have a huge shop now !!!! Although there is no bulk head to roll large bikes and quads in and out of i do have a covered garage.

Anyway i am working on completion of that gt5 hybrid with the stuffed case and uniuqe piston mod and decided i want it to go in my trike frame , now i dont want to go 50 in a trike and i want it to be easy for my fiance to drive so even though this is an ultimate performance build useing only stock modded parts i will install a centrifugal clutch and gear it way low to keep it at around 25 mph at max 8500 rpms.

This engine is a top end motor and will be lagging on the take of with the stock cent clutch , i want to be able to take off with ease and that means makeing the clutch engage at a later rpm to allow the motor to get higher up the rpm range. ......

Has anyone tried modding the happy time centrifugal clutches by drilling out and rebalancing the clutch shoes ?

If so let me know where you drilled and what size bit that was used and the aproximate grams removed from each shoe.

Also lastly, what is the stock clutch engagement rpms
here to stay and compleatly insane ! deal with it lol
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