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Ok, some crow eating is in order here. I got the stand. 40ish on amazon. China made for sure, but steel where it counts and i only needed to make minor modifications for my purpose. One, the cushions on the clamp were good, but, they were not attached at all, just slid on. So soe gorilla glue and some clamping fixed that. The arm the clamp is on slides into a plastic housing which even tightened all the way, would not keep the arm from rotating with the bike in the clamp. Well some self fusing repair tape wrapped around the end fixed that. However, two things are going to prevent me from using this as a portable stand carried on the bike. One, even through labled as portable, its not really, its pretty heavy, and big as **** even folded up. And the fix for the rotating pretty much eliminated the possibility of removing the clamp arm to make it even remotely possible to reasonably carry on a bike long term. So its a home based stand for sure, but i think i found a solution that will work for me pretty well. It will stick out of my basket, but it coukd be possibly strapped along the top tube. Its not really fpr working on the bike on, but more for holding it while i take the rear wheel off and put it back on or doing other light adjustemts snd such. I can break the nuts loose on the ground, then finish the removal on the stand it wont have to bear all the weight of the bike because the front will still be on the ground. They have a model with a nice pump built into the assembly, but this is cheaper and lighter.
I think this will work pretty well. I think i might be able to make something similar, so i will decode whst to do and post abiit it when i do.
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