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Default Re: becoming worried

Originally Posted by crassius View Post
I doubt 'redistribution of wealth' covers pay rates so low that it takes three full-time jobs to support a family. When I worked, I got $275/hour and $4K per lecture, I often felt overpaid even though I was pretty much irreplaceable.

Current banking laws require that mortgage payments total no more than 30% of income. Seems a persons income should allow for buying a home.

I also hope there are no changes in bike laws : )
Heck no!! If you're irreplaceable in this world it means you can command your salary. This is what I'm talking about!! Unfair to tax irreplaceable people more per dollar lest they take their business elsewhere, and they do. 275 per hour is pretty impressive... Bad@ss!! So you felt overpaid... Didn't you ever feel overtaxed?

Also, I now understand your point of view on 406 from your post on the other thread. I don't agree still, but I understand what you're saying and it got me thinking about it. The law itself is badly written anyway.

Thanks 2door.
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