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Default Re: becoming worried

Originally Posted by crassius View Post
they fail to give employees any amount that could be considered a living wage as we had in the past
It's nobody's responsibility but your own to provide you a living wage. You probably identify with those who believe they are victims of those greedy rich people. It's completely opposite- they're victims of the very government they voted in to tax the rich more - it just backfired right back on them because they rich they taxed suddenly didn't have extra cash to give them full time hours, bonuses, and higher wages.

You wanna see what redistribution of wealth and entitlement looks like on a much larger scale? Go live in Venezuela..
"The first step was when Hugo Chávez's socialist government started spending more money on the poor, with everything from two-cent gasoline to free housing." Remind you of section 8 housing?

reg230 is just the registration form for an motorized bicycle operated on public roadways. Says right on it that if you answer no to any question, then your bike is not defined by VC406.
VC406a defines motorized bicycles as needing automatic transmissions. It doesn't say anything about manuals because that would be redundant. I'm happy the govt doesn't yet have a full grasp on this small piece of the pie. I think these laws governing motorized bicycles are stupid to begin with, but the law's the law. Good luck, I hope nothing changes.
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