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Default Re: becoming worried

Originally Posted by crassius View Post
so folks that have to spend every cent they make just to survive, must pay tax on every cent they have, while the wealthy, who can live by spending less than 1% of their earnings, only get taxed on that 1%

in what world does that sound fair?
How many people do you know personally, or even know of, spend less than 1% of their earnings? Do you really think rich people do that? Make money just be watch their accounts grow? They take this money and invest it or start a new business. When they start a new business they need employees. These employees get paid money. When you tax rich people who employ others, you make it hard for them to continue to employ people so they must lay them off or reduce their pay. So in the end, it's the same poor people who voted for taxing the rich who give them their jobs, who get shafted.

"Don't bite the hand that feeds you." The rich people in this country are the ones that provide jobs to the rest of us (for most of us).

If you punish people for working harder more and more, eventually they will leave, and all those poor people won't have anybody to give them a job. Read Atlas Shrugged to get an idea of this on a bigger scale. Obama's policies have already caused employers to lay people off because it's become too expensive for them to hire people or keep them on full-time. Businesses are already leaving CA because of its tough policies.

I think a fair tax is a flat rate for each person over 18. $1000 per year.

BTW 2-stroke engine kits as stock with the manual clutches are illegal in CA.. they need to be automatics..
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