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Default Re: Budget BTR Build

What was the question again? A btr frame is available for a price that will save you a lot of headache and will definitely be safer than the first frame you build.

Bottom line is that a bike with heavy duty enough components for a gc160 or similar is going to cost you at least 1200 in parts alone not including custom frame building but including a stock frame from a reputable manufacturer. I'm taking brakes, wheel builds, engine and transmission. Building and /or modifying a frame is a huge PITA. I say get the sportsman frame and build on that.

Expect to spend at least $300 on wheels. The best deal for a rear sprocket and brake is the treat land moped hub for $55, build a wheel on that. For your front you'll need a quality hydraulic brake if you want to stop safely from 45mph. $50 plus the wheel and a fork that's heavy duty enough if you decide to go with suspension will be another 2-300.
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