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Default Budget BTR Build

I've been hoping to build a board track replica for quite a while and am finally trying to get some steam into the project. I'm no stranger to bicycles, I've ridden trials and mountain bikes for a number of years as well as working as a mechanic. I'm naturally also no stranger to dumping obscene amounts of money into bicycles, but right now I can't put quite as much as I'd like to into a bike. (As if I could I'd buy a complete Sportsman 160 in a minute)

I have a few requirements for my build. It absolutely needs to be a drop-loop style Indian tank frame. Even a faux-drop loop look would be fine, I just don't want it looking like a retrofit beach cruiser. Besides that my only requirement is speed and quietness. I'd like to be able to hit at least 35, but ideally around 40-45. It doesn't need to be silent, but I don't want the sound of a straight piped two stroke to alert everybody on the block to my presence. Four stroke would probably be ideal, but I really don't know enough about this. I like the idea of the Honda GC160 but all the necessary equipment to make it suitable for road use seems to put it outside of my budget.

I've done quite a bit of research on my own but would really appreciate anyones suggestions here. I can order bicycle parts at wholesale through QBP, as well as having a lot of parts already laying around in my garage, which should cut the cost down quite a bit. I'm fine with buying used stuff if I can. All said and done my price cap probably tops out at $900-1200. Maybe that's totally unreasonable, maybe I'm going to need to become a better welder. I know the Sportsman frame costs $300, a tank puts that around $450, plus shipping probably puts it at $500 for the frame and tank. I should be able to get most of the non-specialized/motor related parts (Saddle, seatpost/clamp, fork, headset, bars, brakes, wheelset) for between $50-200 based on what I have sitting around, which leaves around $500 to go towards motor equipment.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! I've already done all necessary legal research here, and decided to go with 'not caring.' Don't bother about limiting your suggestions to what's 'street legal' here. Thanks!

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