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Default Re: New guy with problem right off the bat

Yeah, more like a heavy squad. We have a group of about 9-11 depending on the weather it seams. That being said we have access to the local dirt field and possibly some cones. The djiboutions have a big empty parking lots that might get used 1 or 2 times a year that we might venture out to. From the reaction I got from my pedal bike. It looks like I'm assisting with 3 or 4 other builds. I know when we go ripping up that dirt field with turney style racing more folks will get in on it. The French guys for sure. They are drawn to mopeds and scooters like moth to a flame.
I have OCD some times when it comes to building things. I cant stop til the product is exactly like whats in my head. Then once it is done I dream up something else and build that and so on.
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