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Default Re: Gas or Electric, Which is most Popular?

Originally Posted by 16v4nrbrgr View Post
The motor bicycling map only shows members who volunteered to pin their location, the reality is that that map would be 10x populated if it was mandatory to sign up to the site.
The same is true of the Sondors map too. In addition, how many years old is the our map, compared to the 1 year old Sondors map? Taking into account the short lifespan of a china girl, its reasonable to assume many are now nonexistent, but most if not all of the Sondors are still on the road.

Another consideration is, this Sondors map is from the Sondors owners group which only represents 3700 owners out of more than 10,000 total owners, and not all of the 3700 pinned the map.

Of course neither map is scientific, but I think the results are very surprising at the least, and good evidence that there's a lot of eBikes out there.

Taking all this into consideration, plus the fact that this is just Sondors brand. There's still Pedego, Easy Motion, iZip, Prodeco, Stromer, and a dozen other brands, plus all the home built.

Here in Dallas going back over 5 years, I've seen more electric bicycles in the last year, than all the gas bicycles total.

Bicycles are the most viable electric vehicle so far, and battery prices, and battery safety aren't much of a barrier these days.

I think it's safe to say the day of the electric bicycle is upon us.

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