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Default New guy with problem right off the bat

I'm new to the forum however not to building motorized/ non motorized bicycles.
I have found that for the most part vendors dealing with motorized bicycles are not all that supportive for military members deployed. I have yet to understand it. The USA goes through great lengths to provide us with US addresses and ensures that our mail is handled by US personnel if not the military but hired contractors in order to keep things out of the hands of host country nationals. I speak for many many people in just my area when I say I'm tired of getting emails after the company takes our order and money saying they dont ship to APO/FPO. The only people at these sites are US personnel and service members. That makes an obvious point I'd say. This leaves very few other options for us, thats to send our money to places like China, UK, Germany, and even Estonia. Case in point, I built a boarder line show bike that I use daily for exercise. The goal was to obtain one part from a different country around the world. After it was all said and done I had zero issues from all countries but USA. I could not get anything but the seatpost clamp from the USA and this took me two different vendors from Ebay after the first one sent the no shipping to APO/FPO email. For a seat post clamp, and I was paying $23.00 and $8.00 shipping at that. Anyways I'd like to post the vendor for the latest straw that broke the camels back. As you all may know the list of vendors are all linked up with a common location and phone number.
Please let me know where I can find vendors that will support APO/FPO. We have a small group of interested folks at my location that would love to get into this however they do not want to waste the large portion of the deployment sourcing parts.

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