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Default Rusty Shackleford

I found this bike in a pile by someone's trash can. Flat tires, rusty, bent wheels... I loved it instanly.

And speaking of trash! The things some people will throw away are ridiculous! Like the GX200 i decided to put in it.

So here i am with a free rusty bike, and a free gx200. After thinking about it for it a bit, i made up a challenge for myself. I'm going to build this bike... for free.

I found another cranbrook style bike the other day, it's going to be sold here soon. Some guy was tossing out a Bolens weed trimmer. It didn't run, but after a couple minutes with some carb cleaner and a screwdriver, it's running again. That's going to get sold to fund it too.

It's going to be fun to see how much funding i can get for this build, but with spring cleaning happening soon, fools will be throwing their treasures my way.

Stay tuned
Never stop wrenching

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