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Default Re: [Intro] [Build Pics] jMrL

Originally Posted by jMrL View Post
I am also looking for a piece to hold my chain guard better, right now its awful close to my chain. What exactly is the name for the piece that holds the Brake to the framE? ( it wraps around the frame and has two holes for a screw in it. I made my own for the frame now. But i believe i can buy one that will fit better. Or possibly a better idea from you guys? I really dont want to drill into my frame. Thanks
I can't remember what they are called, but Ace Hardware carries them.

They work for putting the fender inside the back tube or outside it, but to put it outside you need to snip off the top part of the chain guard so it passes the tube itself which is best if the chain is close.

With plenty of room to go inside I just cut the guard off to match the tube and use 2 zip ties.

I don't always use a left side chain guard, but they can improve appearance.
That one was particularly hard because of the rear fender but again, cut the guard and the fender and it will fit.
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