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Default Re: becoming worried

Originally Posted by biknut View Post
Bottom line, I think gas bikes will disappear, but when it happens, it will probably be voluntary.
with all due respect, i'm not so sure about that. they have been around since 1868 that we know of, maybe even earlier. (from wikipedia)

i think that as our economy continues to decline, they will become more popular. and not just for basic transportation as most seem to be building them for. i built my bike to be a cheap toy, i wanted to ride the HM trail system but would NEVER spend $1500-$2500 for a decent "used" atv.

my bike, which can go almost anywhere an atv can (and some places they can't) only cost around $450, brand spanking new.
an e-bike on the other hand, would automatically have range issues with current battery technology. not to mention that actually pulling these unending hills on one would be wishful thinking... at best. and they still cost more.

i read an article recently that said southern california alone has around 50,000 gasoline powered bikes. up from a few hundred, just 10 years ago.

as further evidence, how many of our (much appreciated) sponsors' businesses are less than 10 years old? i would guess most of them are.
they are multiplying, and growing. i'm actually thinking of selling a few MB's myself... every one of us has had that same thought...

i definitely think the motorized bicycle trend is accelerating, not declining.

and i think that's a good thing :-)

in conclusion, lol
it's a beautiful day outside, ride on my friends...
It will be "done" when it can climb trees, go 300 mph, and fire lasers from the headlights. Surface to air missiles would be nice too.
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