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Default Re: Robin EH035 Kill switch proper installation? see pic

If I give it throttle while holding the brakes is that a better way to kill the engine?

UPDATE: I have rode many motorcycles and scooters.. I just took my very frost motorized bicycle ride and enjoyed it despite the 19 degree weather... Whooosh! That cold ate up my fingerless gloves in seconds and then spit out my fingers! I have the 1.5" roller on it for now and will put the slow poke 1" on soon.. Man that was a nice ride! I still have two dangling wires and a kill switch. I am thinking all I need is a regular toggle switch for just the two wires on the engine. I think I can also just hook the kill wire to the wire closest to the recoil that is probably hooked up to the magneto for the kill switch? I do not want to kill the brand new Robin by hooking something up wrong. I also think it might be better to choke it off from reading other posts before posting this one.


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