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Default Re: Free Motorized Bicycle Stickers

Ya ... what he said ! ... I have to agree you have simply asked your 49cc motor for more than it can handle and just can't turn that small of a sprocket and along with it being mounted to a 28" wheel (as opposed to the more normally used 26" wheel) and adding your 190+lbs leaves it sweating and begging for either an act of God too help it build up some rpm's and a 'power band' ta jump up and give it a 'boost of lightning' or for you ta get them legs of yers ta start kickin' in and push them pedals round till they're burnin' up like that little jr motor is while yer wrist is twisting at a throttle that just can't win an 'out-matched' battle with death itself ...
Pretty sure you took that poor little motors top rpm's from an acceptable purr down too a heart wrenching 'moan' with a single 'ill planned' 'up-grade' ....
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