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I've never seen any great deals on "clearance" items at W-Mart. The store near me has a couple of aisles specifically for clearance, but I couldn't see a difference in most cases. Sometimes an item is obviously a "return" with its package all taped up like crap, with a price not reduced enough at all to make it enticing. Now I stay away from the clearance aisle.

But just last week at wallyworld, right in the middle of a main aisle in mensware was a rack of sweatshirts on "clearance" for 4 dollars each. They were good quality, but all were fluorescent orange or green, and sized either medium or large. "Large" these days means less than 150 pounds, but these shirts looked bigger than most. I almost bought one, but figured if it says "clearance", something must be wrong with it.

To the point - if I see BIKES on clearance, I will probably reconsider!
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