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Default Re: becoming worried

Both Venice Motor Bikes and 2door have it right. There've been a lot of doomsday predictions plus there are idiot do-gooders out there who occasionally target us. But nothing seems to come of it.

I suppose the reason is that we're just such a small group that it isn't worth it going after us. For that matter, legislation that actually favors us has passed in a number of states in the last five years or so.

I've also been doing this since 2008. At that time there was no legal status for these bikes at all in my state. For good of for bad. Since then the vehicle code has been amended to define these as bicycles. Nothing more.

I hear that these bikes are becoming more common. That might affect things. And I'll agree that I see more of them than I used to. But there is something I've noticed. Most of the newbies come and go. I'll see them once or twice and then I never see them again. I don't think that those of us who stick with it have become any more numerous.

Unless gasoline goes back to $4.50/gallon or Americans suddenly embrace minimalist transportation I just don't see our numbers growing. And that ought to mean that we'll mostly sail under the radar of lawmakers and regulators.

Though we'll still be a handy target for haters. And we'll keep on taking potshots from those crackpots. But it probably won't have any real effect on public policy.

Maybe one day it will. But in the meantime, just ignore those who say the sky is falling.
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