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Default Re: becoming worried

Originally Posted by bluetarp View Post
if I lived in cali and they said they were going to ban them,..and I believed it,.. I would probably order myself 20 kits and sit on them. we're talking $$$$$. if California wasn't run by prostitutes, they would do the smart thing,.. and offer a rebate for every motorized bicycle you own. but god forbid they incentivize getting out of the 7 liter hummer or ridiculous diesel pickup trucks and onto a fuel efficient 2 wheel SOMETHING. bike, bicycle, scooter, moped, anything. but theyre too busy bending over and holding them open for big oil like the rest of the nation.

their thinking is: 7 liter diesel pickups that get 10mpg and emit black clouds of death,.. with only one passenger=fine and dandy,.. but weedwhackers and leafblowers are a scourge to the environment and must be abolished for the sake of mankind. yeah,.. my trust / faith in ANY governing body is nil.
Uh, dude, we already have the strictest smog laws in the country. The greenies here have incentivized electric cars which are so useless. Even the car companies plead customers not to buy them because they are losing money on every ecar purchased (ie fiat). Smog free cars start at 1975 and older... And that sounds fair to you? Hybrids in this state don't even have carpool privileges anymore because of all the electric cars.

They have helped motorized bikes with their new 4hp law in 2015. Max hp doubled.

Agreed 100% Leo.
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