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Default Re: Stop lights

I think there must be something to do with the way the induction loops are installed and maybe even how deep in the pavement they are. And I wonder if they have to be calibrated some way.
There are five or six intersections in town (Southwest and Kentucky, 10th and something - out past 465, those come to mind) where any vehicle which has more ground clearance than an average car, like my minivan or a truck or SUV, does not trip the light. I've waited over 5 minutes at the Kentucky light just to test the theory. But as soon as a car comes *boom* yellow for cross-traffic then green for me. Unfortunately, Indiana is not one of those "run it if safe" states. If there's a cop getting coffee at the corner gas station and he sees you make anything but a right turn, you are just screwed.
But it seems rare earth magnets placed as-low-as-possible on the bike frame really do trip the light. I got some out of a bunch of old hard drives. They're kinda half-circle shaped. If you poke around inside a hard drive with a steel screwdriver, you'll locate the magnets pretty quick. They have oooomph! So if you got some old hard drives that you're done with then, before you take them to the tox drop, harvest the magnets. Just don't let your fingers come between them and steel. You'll regret that.

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