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Hello all!

First off I just wanted to say hi! You all have been great and don't even know it! I have been reading these forums for about a month gathering all the things I needed to get my ride together. I found allot of things you guys spoke about very helpful! The community around these rides is amazing!

I am glad to now be apart of it!

A question or two if you guys dont mind. I am having problems with my engine running without choke. I have let it warm up and cut if off during the ride and it just dies. I have adjusted my carb to the best of my ability ( taking it completely apart and checking to see if all parts are correctly assembled ) I believe im going to need to get a aftermarket, if so what type do you guys recommend ? I have a NT Carb atm. Switching to a CSR, would I see any performance difference ? I am looking for more low end and a clean sound

I have been looking for some reference threads to make my bike run smoother and preventive maintenance that i can do! Such as changing the screws/bolts. Tubing. Spark Plug. etc.. Any good sites / threads in this manner also would be awesome!

Also. I am looking to add a front brake. Any suggestions? I am skeptical to buying a disc brake and it not fitting.

I am looking for a type of shrink wrap for my wires also, I do not want to keep the electric tape that I have used already on it forever.

All the help would be greatly appreciated
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