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Default Re: hi there. i just joined.

hey---- I just thought of something, since im now desperate and grasping at straws,...howcome the youtube video shows so much room left???? its the same motor, or is there STILL something im missing? ?? hes got a 26 with an acre of room up there. i know its a different brand, BUT he has almost a full 2 inches to spare up there...that's a lot. I just don't get it. it even looks like he can squeak it down even more!!! what am i missing???? frame geometry? he's got a ton of room!!

if I sound desperate or bewildered it's because I thought I was going to have room to burn. this video is just the first quick example of how i concluded that i had plenty of room that I can produce in my crushed, raging frame of mind. I like to think that im thorough when I research a purchase and this has got me pounding on tables like a lunatic

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