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Default Re: hi there. i just joined.

Originally Posted by bluetarp View Post
greetings fellow motorized bicyclers. my name is Robert, im 48, im from Poughkeepsie, NY.,.... the no-riding-allowed-anywhere state. with that said,.. I ride everywhere I go, every day that it's not frozen or raining.
Welcome BlueTarp.
NY... not the best place to MB.
I am in Phoenix where darn near every day all year is a great place to MB, heck we have had sunny ~80F days all month including today ;-}

im on my second build right now, on the proceeds from the sale of my first build, which was a stock/bare bones 66cc 2 stroke kit from gasbike on a 26" micargi touch cruiser. the ease with which I slapped that thing together with a handful of primitive, beginner noob tools, combined with the stunning rush of success during the victory ride, PLUS the killer look it had, convinced me that this hobby was my calling. (plus I doubled my $$, even after riding it for 2 months in NY winter slop-yecch). im sold!!
I built on a few Touches when I was just starting.
A decent bike for a decent price.

I had to use a SBP front mount adapter and add a caliper brake to the front, but not bad.

I'm ready to leave 2 strokes behind and go 4 stroke. I bought another micargi 26" touch cruiser and the $239 ghost racer 7g "special edition" (????????) kit last night.
A 4-stroke won't fit in a touch.
It barley fits in its big brother Pantera frame.

And it comes with dual V-brakes.

Though their daddy, the 29" Fatal Love needs a front brake added, it gives you plenty of room.

Though just an added front brake would work, I do front and back calipers on a dual pull lever and leave the coaster brake a helper/backup brake.

There is no such thing as too much braking power.

well,..the reason for the stealth is because im revoked for life. nation-wide. no more drivers licence for this hombre. ever. its something I wouldn't wish on anybody. needless to say I lost my ass. now i'm all about quiet, moderate power, under 30mph speeds, and NOT ATTRACTING ATTENTION. stealth is priority one.
If you want stealth go electric.
A mid mount shifter and harmless looking bicycle battery coupled with zero sound makes it ideal for stealth.

I like the Macargi 3-speed Rover for these.
From the left where jonny law looks you don't much of anything.

As usual you have to add a pair of caliper brakes as the coaster brake won't work but nothing to add on.

Paint the battery Plaid to look like a Thermos and you are golden.

With the 3-speed gearing you will be able to do 30mph and if you see Jonny looking just pedal some ;-}

That's as stealth as you can get, even pedestrians can't here you coming ;-}

Just a tip, and welcome aboard.
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