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Default hi there. i just joined.

greetings fellow motorized bicyclers. my name is Robert, im 48, im from Poughkeepsie, NY.,.... the no-riding-allowed-anywhere state. with that said,.. I ride everywhere I go, every day that it's not frozen or raining.

I have about 25 years fab shop exp., and can tig weld like the wind. anybody need tig welding done, I can most likely pull it off,..(as long as you provide the welding machine)

im on my second build right now, on the proceeds from the sale of my first build, which was a stock/bare bones 66cc 2 stroke kit from gasbike on a 26" micargi touch cruiser. the ease with which I slapped that thing together with a handful of primitive, beginner noob tools, combined with the stunning rush of success during the victory ride, PLUS the killer look it had, convinced me that this hobby was my calling. (plus I doubled my $$, even after riding it for 2 months in NY winter slop-yecch). im sold!!

my desire is to build a stealthy/innocent-looking bike that can haul a 260 lb'er. the 2 stroke did it, loudly, so after reading up and comparing results and opinions, here and elsewhere, i'm ready to leave 2 strokes behind and go 4 stroke. I bought another micargi 26" touch cruiser and the $239 ghost racer 7g "special edition" (????????) kit last night. I still regret deleting my FB account because I had a thousand pics of my first build on there!! now I have NONE. ---(sniffle)

well,..the reason for the stealth is because im revoked for life. nation-wide. no more drivers licence for this hombre. ever. its something I wouldn't wish on anybody. needless to say I lost my ass. now i'm all about quiet, moderate power, under 30mph speeds, and NOT ATTRACTING ATTENTION. stealth is priority one.

well,.. I have already absorbed so much info off this site's forums, and the members have real experience and a lot of it, so I wanted in. here I am. I feel like im in the exact spot I need to be.
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