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Yeah my state is to my knowledge a run if safe state, i will have to vheck but i read you dont have to stop at all if there are no other cars present, that seems hinky to me though, may have gotten bad interpretation on that one. Its mot so much for low traffic situations, but for normal traffic situations. I have been at the head of the line to make a left turn at an intersection several times, scooting up into the cross walk trying to get the idiot in the car behind me to inch up onto the sensor so the traffic control computer will register a car and let that lane go. Its no big deal if there is a car in the corresponding lane for the other direction because then we both get to to, but when no one is coming from the other direction, ive seen my lane get skipped at least once. Plus, id just like to be able to use the light like everyone else, that way no jerkface cop tries to hassle me for blowing the light. One less worry.
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