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Default Re: my journey begins

well I've been busy and distracted, and also dealing with the chain rubbing the chain stays. the townie 3i chain stay spacing is a full inch narrow than the 7d, thanks to the stack of 7 sprockets attached to the side hub to 1 sprocket. so the tensioner is back as a path guide, yay I'm so happy. still a close call on the top chain stay, and I refuse to go double tensioner. I'll switch frames before I do that, I also have a 41T I could swap out the 44T with. But I like the tourqe, and I think I may have settled the rub issue. also put on a pair of 2" schwalbe marathon tires, better handling and the ride is still good.

I did get it out for a ride yesterday for the first time in awhile. since the new rings and jug I'm still only around 40 km in total maybe. and she is running like a hot damn, with stock muffler, still reshaping my poo poo pipe. I'm riding it normal, with no break in pampering and 100-1 opti 2. way too early to tell I know, but man she is running well. probably the best feeling I've had riding this bike yet. hitting my highest top speed of 57 kph (tires probably help top end) so far, and pulling up hills seems stronger.

onward and upward

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