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Default Friction drive and Knobbies? IS IT POSSIBLE +safe? Knobby nobby nobbies tire tires.

Better start here.. Knobby tires and friction drive.. Has anyone thought of a way to do this in an emergency? I wonder if on could pour paint and fine sand on a tire or glue, rubber, etc and make it stick between the knobs? I wanted to share the following like a kid and his first puppy...

Hi all. I got the kit and the Robin. All I have to do is put this powder puff cupcake together.. The engine has a tag that says "air index of the engine is 1.33" on a scale from one to ten that is good the state. it is also meant to be run for extended time over 300 hours.. I guess that is 12 and a half days long. Masybe that would be a good time to change the oil.

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